Let’s make sure all kids remain safe, respected | Letter to the Editor

As we enter a new school year let’s not forget the millions of kids in this country who are living with poverty or fear. The millions of kids in this country who are bullied and persecuted for being different than the majority in their school. Let’s face it, a redneck wouldn’t do well in a New York City school. A city kid doesn’t do well in a country school. We see it every day on the playgrounds, in our parks, in class and in the hallways.

There are also cases where the teacher has been the class bully. Reading essays that were turned in about suicide fantasies and bullying brings it home. What is wrong with our schools here that we need child therapists coming to school. They hold our system accountable. They hold security, teachers, and administration accountable. One of our own has been bullied to the point of unrelenting anguish. What was once a safe learning environment has become a place of fear and anger. Beaten in front of security only to have them do nothing is degrading.

On behalf of all who have been bullied or live in fear with domestic violence I thank you. I thank you for your bravery, I thank you for your courage to stand another day and face the foe that calls themselves a fellow classmate or family member.

With the new school year upon us it is our duty as parents and staff to make sure we give these kids a voice.

Mary Rain Walters