Lives depend upon quality response – vote yes for King County Fire District 28 levy | Lette

On Sunday, Aug. 18, my world was unexpectedly turned upside down. That was the day my wife and three children and I were involved in a serious car accident.

I was so seriously injured and our car so badly damaged that I was trapped inside. I know now that it took four firefighters working together with their Jaws of Life just to get me out. This doesn’t include the firefighters that were needed to tend to my wife and children. My last memory before being loaded onto a helicopter and going unconscious was the words of a firefighter letting me know my family was in good hands and that they would be alright.

Recently I have come to understand that if the fire levy doesn’t pass, our fire department faces firefighter layoffs. We simply cannot afford to have any decrease in our level of service. A “yes” vote for the fire levy will prevent just that.

Even though I am still recovering from my injuries, those firefighters gave my story a chance to have a happy ending. Emergencies aren’t planned, mine sure wasn’t. But like you, I need to know that my fire department has all the personnel and resources they need to continue doing such important work. People’s lives depend on it…mine did.

Junior Lafaele