More to marijuana than just dollars and cents | Letter

When will some people realize that you cannot answer the moral objections many have to recreational marijuana with dollars and cents?

When will some people realize that you cannot answer the moral objections many have to recreational marijuana with dollars and cents? It’s like asking for a background check on someone and instead receiving a list of their good deeds. Put as many numbers behind that dollar sign as you can conjure up and it will be no more compelling an answer.

The costs cannot be covered in currency. Destroying families and children’s futures and trying to justify it with job creation and tax revenue was and still is inadequate for nearly half of our state’s voters. Some people will indeed get jobs while others lose fathers or children to oblivion, to nothingness, or to accidents. As common sense foretold, like with any drug there will be devastating accidents and they are showing up in the headlines (perhaps previous letter writers should pay closer attention).

Numbers drove the campaign to legalize but some very unflattering numbers are beginning to take shape. The true costs are incalculable, so here is the only number likeness that matters to me: some. That’s how many healthy families will be adversely affected by the new law. And that’s enough to have made it wrong. Those families have names and in a town as small as ours some of those will be ones you recognize.

There are better ways to create jobs and tax revenue than by selling out your neighbors.

Brandy Garton


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