No excuses not to join the Senior Center

There’s so much fun and learning to be had.

If you are 60-plus years of age and sit home all day watching reruns on T.V., you are missing out by not going to the Enumclaw Senior Center. Perhaps you think you are not old enough to go to the center. Baloney! What a great place to greet old friends and make new ones.

Activities of various kinds happen every weekday. These include exercise classes, dancing, arts and crafts, cards, memory classes, balance classes, computer help and listening to good live entertainment of various kinds. There are planned group day trips to various places for a nominal fee on a monthly basis. Mariner fans? A week at spring training is planned for next spring.

You can also get haircuts, toenail clippings, tax prep and health care help. Birthdays are celebrated monthly. If you have a problem of any kind, the staff will make every effort to get you the help you need,

Besides all of the above, lunch or brunch is served for only a $4 donation. It includes coffee, milk, and dessert! The cooks do a great job cooking nutritious, and tasty, meals.

Seniors should strive to be active and try not to isolate themselves. No transportation? Just call the center (360-825-4741). They will help you arrange bus transportation which is wheelchair friendly. You’ll also get delivered safely home.

Got time on your hands? You can always volunteer to help.

A calendar of activities and lunch menus are available for the asking and printed monthly.

The Black Diamond Senior Center (360-866-1011) and Buckley Senior Center (360-761-7813) also have activities for seniors. Just call for information on their programs.

No excuses! We hope to see you at the center soon.

Let’s get “old” together, preserving our health and being happy!

Dorothy Sleigh


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