No love for those who hunt elk with arrows | Letter

Every year, bow hunters are running through private properties around the perimeter of Enumclaw city limits chasing wounded elk.

It’s bow hunting season for elk again.

Every year, bow hunters are running through private properties around the perimeter of Enumclaw city limits chasing wounded elk. Last time, they’d been chasing one for three days. This year, our biggest bull elk, leader of a big herd, came into my boss’ field to die and we had to watch. He’d try to stand and then fall, over and over. His herd stayed with him for a long time, but finally fled, scared and confused.

Every year it’s the same lame excuses. Overpopulation: then Fish and Wildlife should handle it humanely with a gun. Elk tear down fences: Fish and Wildlife have recommended fencing to minimize that. Need the meat: then use a gun so your prey won’t suffer while you navigate all these small properties around the town trying to track it.

There’s just no good excuse for hunting our extremely tame herd except to satisfy your “bloodsport.” Last year, I was listening to our big boy snore as he slept near me. This is no sport.

In this area, hunters must trespass to track a wounded animal. This time we had to watch our big boy suffer; no animal should ever have to suffer. We were all traumatized and extremely angry.

We love watching the elk and feel honored to have them on our land. Many people do. What selfishness to take the biggest and strongest and leader of his herd, just for a trophy rack. And any good farmer knows you don’t do this to a gene pool. How selfish to impact the herd and us like this. Go out into the woods and hunt like a real hunter.

If you feel like I do, watch for a Facebook page soon. It will be something like, “Don’t Hunt Elk in Our Backyard.”

Margaret Chowen

South Prairie

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