Not happy with moves made by King County Fire District 28 | Letter

I’m totally aghast at what this fire commission is doing. Asking for the fire chief’s resignation is a reflection upon the commissioners themselves

The following is addressed to the King County Fire District 28 commissioners.

I’m totally aghast at what this fire commission is doing. Asking for the fire chief’s resignation is a reflection upon the commissioners themselves. We, the people of Enumclaw, have elected these fire commissioners so that in turn reflects up on us the voters. He takes direction from the commission and his actions reflect on how you, the fire commissioners’ direct him.

Chief Clow has made decisions regarding KCFD 28 based upon your direction. If you are directing him in the wrong direction, he will go that way. Has anyone of you or as a group sat down with him and given him precise direction? I doubt it. The past commissioners made grave errors or appearances of grave errors and off the chief went to appease the direction he was given; ie, the “future site” of KCFD 28. The man is not responsible for those decisions of the fire commissioners.

If the fire commissioners can ask for his resignation, can we the people ask for the resignation of those on the fire commission? Makes perfect sense to me.

There are people that seem to be sabotaging everything that we were fighting to clear up by this “new” commission. They are just making the air cloudier with the rants of accusations and misstating the facts. It is a sad time in Enumclaw when we cannot bundle our energies and fight for the same cause. It has become a game of hatred and name calling. No one is excused on this…. as the job is not done. We are supposed to be making and creating a great KCFD 28, not destroying it. We have great people in KCFD 28, let us serve them and not our personal vendettas.

The past incident of one of the volunteers being dismissed for saying or writing something the Constitution gives him the right to say. Seriously, I am more offended by the concept of punishment for asserting a Constitutional right than I am by anything the afflictive boor said revealing himself. There are laws and other ways to deal with this type of situation.

Keith Mathews


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