NRA is not the root of the violence problem

How about writing a column addressing that question instead of just finger pointing?

You are correct in your interpretation but your argument is moot because you are guilty of the same “context” error. Instead of what kind of weapon a law abiding citizen should be able to own, and lets be clear, we are only talking about law abiding citizens because criminals don’t abide by the law anyway.

Let’s look at the root problem. Who is teaching these teens that violence is acceptable? whether it’s in the form of bullying or guns? I’m not a huge NRA supporter but I doubt they are to blame. How about writing a column addressing that question instead of just finger pointing? As for the second amendment, that law that 17 year olds are protesting, give a high school class a test on what the second amendment really says and ask them to tell what the historical significance is and how it applies today. But only do this if you’re prepared to see how inadequate our education system is.

Jerry Wright

Bonney Lake

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