Remember words: love the sinner, hate the sin | Letters to the Editor

Yes, it is a mistake to assume all Christians in the USA and the world are really Christians. I will agree with M. Thornton of Enumclaw (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 19).

You know, according to the Pew poll there are about 168 million Christians, give or take. But about half may be Christian in name only, just as your 33,000 different denominations are.

The real Christians are those Coptic Christians and converted or those who are not Muslims enough, who are being beheaded or shot or crucified for their belief in Jesus Christ now win the Middle East and throughout the world. The Coptic Church started six years after Jesus Christ was crucified. Plus Jesus Christ’s tomb is the only empty tomb, all others still have bones in them. And, yes, Jesus Christ was not a Christian. But where do you think they got the name “Christian” from?

And as Jesus said, love the sinner and not the sin.

And is it says in Matthew 7:21-23, “not everyone who says unto me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Neal Grove