Save the Enumclaw pool

I believe by knowing the pool’s benefits, a vast majority of greater Enumclaw would still support the now Enumclaw Aquatic Center.

Fifteen years ago the Enumclaw Pool’s operation and maintenance transferred to the City of Enumclaw by an over welling 87 percent vote of the people. I believe by knowing the pool’s benefits, a vast majority of greater Enumclaw would still support the now Enumclaw Aquatic Center. The now Enumclaw Aquatic Center (Pool) faces the fact that it is 45 years old. During this coming year the Enumclaw City Council will be looking at how much of your money they will spend to maintain the Pool. Below are four primary benefits the Pool continues to provide the citizens of greater Enumclaw.

Life Saving – During the 45 years thousands of our youth have taken swimming lessons at the Pool. We will never know exactly how many of our youth and citizens did not panic and drown when they fell into deep water, because of these lifesaving lessons.

Rehabilitation – Hundreds of the citizens of the greater Enumclaw area have used the Pool to rehabilitate from accidents, and hip, knee, and back surgeries. Because of the Pool’s help these individual have returned to productive lives for their families and our community.

Independence – Over the 45 years, hundreds of our senior citizens have used the Pool to water walk and exercise in an environment where a slip or fall would not cause things like broken a hips. Many of these seniors would tell us these programs mean they can stay mobile and independent.

Exercise – The Enumclaw Pool provides programs like lap swimming and deep water aerobics. Many doctors tell us we should exercise. The Pool’s low impact exercises help citizens feel better and keep healthy.

Think about the above benefits, and how they may presently affect your family and yourself, and likely be needed in the future. If you agree the Enumclaw Pool is of great benefit to the community, join many in thinking of yourself as a “Friend of the Pool”. Comments welcome.

Ed Wilson


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