Seeking voter support for Fire District 44 levy | Letter

I am writing to request your support for the King County Fire District 44 Proposition 1 coming before the voters in November.

District 44 has never requested approval of this type of levy. The last approved levy in 2008 funded equipment, apparatus and replaced a fire station but did not fund daily operations. Fire District 44 is now in a dire financial situation due to the loss of a 39.8 percent reduction in the assessed value in homes and therefor a loss in revenue of $1,850,000. If Proposition 1 fails, the lack of adequate funding will affect emergency response times to your home or business for fire and medical calls, as well as staffing (six position have already been cut), training and all aspects of providing services to the area. Fire stations will be closed, inadequate fire personnel staffing will prevent firefighters from entering burning structures, wildland and swift water rescue may be eliminated.

The levy would cost about $5 per month for a $200,000 home and $7.50 per month for a $300,000 home. This levy will expire in four years and no longer be collected.

As a lifelong, career supporter of fire suppression and emergency medical response provided to citizens by the fire department and fire district, I sincerely request your vote and your support to your friends, neighbors and the community in favor of Proposition 1. A super majority (60 percent of the vote) is required to pass this levy, so every vote is critically important.

Monroe (Steve) Shropshire

Assistant chief, Auburn Fire Department (retired)

Commissioner, KCFD 44 (retired)