Sen. Pam Roach should not pit one city against another | Letter

It’s time to stop with the Enumclaw vs. Black Diamond mentality that is being perpetuated by a certain candidate (Ms. Roach).

I assure you, as a parent with a child in the Enumclaw School District, that mentality is a fallacy among parents, students, teachers and administration; it is not the opinion of the district and in no way should Ms. Roach represent it as such. The implication that Black Diamond should be absorbed by Tahoma School District is ridiculous…adding more kids to an already overcrowded and underfunded (let’s face it, one levy in 17 years is not appropriate funding for a community that has grown the way Tahoma School District has, take a good look at the staggered schedules in place to accommodate the overcrowding), is highly inappropriate.

Levies pass in Enumclaw School District because parents and teachers choose to give the children of this District the best education possible with the resources available. Black Diamond is no more or less a part of Maple Valley than it is Enumclaw, and the boundaries have been in place and effective for years. Ms. Roach needs to think before she runs her mouth…it’s no wonder her campaign of dirty politics has been steeped in scandal. Let her straighten out her ethics before she attacks the school district. It’s time for her to represent the people who put her in office and stop with her personal agenda.

Nancy Sauber

Black Diamond