Sen. Pam Roach’s positions do not reflect views of Enumclaw School Board | Letter

We are one school district representing the cities of Enumclaw and Black Diamond and portions of unincorporated King County.

We are one school district representing the cities of Enumclaw and Black Diamond and portions of unincorporated King County. Our job as a board of directors is to serve the best interests of the students, families and patrons of our school district.

A recent flyer distributed by Sen. Roach’s campaign misrepresented the work of our board of directors as well as the vision and culture of our one unified school district.

• Fact: When realizing there were going to be two master planned developments in Black Diamond, our district proactively began negotiations to secure the best mitigation agreement possible in order to continue to build great schools and take care of our tax paying citizens.

• Fact: The agreement includes a combination of the payment of school mitigation fees and the conveyance of up to seven school sites.

• Fact: Future schools in Black Diamond will be paid for by a combination of school mitigation agreement money, state match money, and future bonds. Schools will not be paid for solely by local taxes. No local or school district dollars will be required to pay for land costs.

• Fact: When growth occurs in a school district, the assessed value of the school district also grows, thereby reducing the individual taxpayer share.

• Fact: On Sen. Roach’s website, she believes that Black Diamond should be consolidated with Tahoma School District. The students who reside in Black Diamond are a part of our great Enumclaw School District.

Our responsibility as a board is to take care of all of our students. We will continue to do this.

April Schroeder, president

Enumclaw School Board

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