Soldier should get fair trial, not name-calling | Letter

There was a nasty attack on a U.S. soldier two weeks ago by a man who lives here in our community. With self-righteous certainty he condemned an American Army sergeant to death.

There was a nasty attack on a U.S. soldier two weeks ago by a man who lives here in our community. With self-righteous certainty he condemned an American Army sergeant to death. After years of watching the exaggerated allegations from the bellowing talking heads, it was easy to judge the soldier. After all, he had all of the necessary “fair and balanced” facts.

It’s all so black and white to you, isn’t it Mr. Patriot? How easy it must be, sitting in your comfortable recliner in front of your TV, to spout your support for the troops. You have no need to understand what Sgt. Bergdahl experienced after he put on a uniform and went to fight a war. Does it frighten you to think that there may be more to comprehend than what you can see when you peek out between the folds of the flag you’ve wrapped around yourself?

When this U.S. soldier returns home after five years of Taliban captivity, let’s set the pitchforks aside and provide him with a fair trial (and perhaps a bit of compassion). Bowe Bergdahl went to war so that you could continue to live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty. If he violated our military laws or caused harm to other soldiers then he deserves to face the consequences. Until that time, what he does not deserve is juvenile name-calling from you.

G. Ames


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