Some points to ponder during the debate over recreational marijuana | Letter

Facts for thought... In regard to the (Enumclaw) council meeting March 10, John Damazio didn’t take sides but suggested emotion be left out of the equation and only deal in cold, hard facts. I totally agree with him, so here are some facts.

Facts for thought…

In regard to the (Enumclaw) council meeting March 10, John Damazio didn’t take sides but suggested emotion be left out of the equation and only deal in cold, hard facts. I totally agree with him, so here are some facts.

Robert Meneghini brought up the notion that marijuana is a gateway drug. Fact-based literature in the last several decades tells us that some drug dealers make various drugs available, making it easier to obtain so they can make more money. Fact, beer is a gateway drug leading to harder liquor. Some prescription drugs approved by the FDA are gateway drugs as well. Recreational sellers wouldn’t give those choices.

Ty Rogel supports our personal freedoms. But, only as long as everyone thinks like he does. However, like Heather Hogan, both do good work in our community with kids. I’m sure they have seen many kids make the wrong choices. Fact: if marijuana was taken out of the hands of drug dealers it would be harder for kids to get. Adults would have to take responsibility the same as booze, pills and firearms.

Jewel Olson wants Enumclaw to be known as a beautiful, bucolic town. Fact: marijuana has been in Enumclaw for the last 40 or more years. Many take it with on their way up the mountain when they recreate. Fact: legal vendors would only bring much-needed revenue from these tourists for roads, schools and other struggling vendors. Enumclaw is the perfect place for a legal store.

Fact: according to the literature, unlike heroin, amphetamines, cocaine, many prescription drugs and alcohol, marijuana is a mental addiction not a physical addiction. Withdrawal of casual use is less painful than most hangovers.

Another cold, hard fact, Mr. Meneghini: when waging a campaign against all the council members, try to remember the vote on Initiative 502 in 2012 passed, which would indicate more people approve of legalization than those that do not.

M. Thornton


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