Support Angie Stubblefield for Fire District 28 commission | Letter

Wow. I have read the fire commissioner debates between Angela Stubblefield and Elbert Reed with great interest. As a very concerned taxpayer, I believe Angela Stubblefield is an absolute breath of fresh air we so desperately need.

I can’t help to recall the front-page article in The Seattle Times last year on how the (district) paid out $300,000 of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for a used mobile home set up in Cumberland. I am in no position to accurately recite dollar figures but I am aware of Joe Clow (receiving a) raise upon his lucrative salary already. How can we all as taxpayers just sit back and let this happen?

I have no affiliation nor have I ever met Ms. Stubblefield but if we as concerned taxpayers elect her, she is exactly what we need to bring accountability to this fie district. I commend The Courier-Herald for publishing such a debate to inform the citizens of this great community.

Neal Sanders