Support Pam Roach for 31st District Senate | Letter

I would like to voice my support for the re-election of Sen. Pam Roach.

I would like to voice my support for the re-election of Sen. Pam Roach. Although her political adversaries are trying to band together as some-type of bi-partisan team, don’t be fooled by who they represent (themselves!) as they endeavor to secure their personal legacies versus ensuring that all their constituents are represented.

Sen. Roach, has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislative issues. She is backed by the majority in her party and many organized groups. She has a very long history of supporting open and transparent government as well growth management issues as they relate to protecting our schools, preserving and protecting our rural lands. She lives a humble existence and represents the family values that I desire to see in my representative.

I understand that some have painted Sen. Roach as a polarizing figure in politics, but generally those who primarily serve their constituents versus making deals with corporations and developers face a more public critique. I know that I can email or pick up the phone and Sen. Roach or her office will get back to me in a timely manner. I know that Sen. Roach makes the efforts to meet her constituents and ask their concerns and then takes those back to Olympia.

I do not see the knowledge, experience, or equal commitment to serve all the people versus the serving the party in any of her opponents.

Therefore as a lifelong area resident, I support the re-election of Pam Roach for senator.

Vicki Harp


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