Support Pam Roach for Senate in 31st District | Letter

Pam Roach has been an extremely effective senator for southeast King County and eastern Pierce County for many years.

Pam Roach has been an extremely effective senator for southeast King County and eastern Pierce County for many years.

Sen. Roach is the only politician that has attended the many, many meetings arranged by  local private citizens. These issues range from water rights, property rights, unwanted WDOT traffic circles to Gates Foundation failed Small Schools experiment and other issues. Pam Roach is there attending these meetings and doing what she can to help the citizens in her district. To lose her to an opponent who is receiving thousands of dollars from Democrat donors would be very bad for this conservative district.

I have attended at least 15 of these citizen-inspired meetings in the last 10 years and not one time has Rep. Chris Hurst attended a single meeting. Why is Chris Hurst, a Democrat in a very conservative district, still our so-called representative? Maybe because a first-class opponent like Phil Fortunato wasn’t running against him. Phil has been there and done that as an elected official sent to Olympia. And after being out for a few years Phil decided he can’t stand by and watch the progressive socialists in Olympia while they blow off the majority to pander to the small-numbered base of the extreme progressive socialist.

Pam Roach and Phil Fortunato are the two conservatives, running in a very conservative district. Please voters, don’t give the district away to the big city progressive socialists.

Ted DeVol


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