Supporting Stubblefield for King County Fire District 28 commissioner | Letter

I am interested in the King County Fire District 28 fire commissioner race and have questioned Ms. Stufflefield; I have asked her for proof regarding the issues she has stated. Ms. Stubblefield shared with me a recent report from the King County Appraiser’s Office, the Washington State Auditor’s Office and several other public documents she obtained from public records requests.

First, the district purchased a modular home from remaining chairman, Commissioner Hannity. Ms. Stubblefield provided an audit report that was quite revealing. Commissioner Hannity handsomely benefited as I would say he gouged district taxpayers by selling a modular easily worth under $15,000 for $85,000. The auditor states, “The District violated state bid law and cannot be sure it obtained the modular home at the best possible price. Further, the District Commissioner is violating state ethics laws.” Since this commissioner is still in office, how have district commissioners learned from their mistakes when they continue to make them? Mr. Reed, as long as this commissioner remains and you appear to align with him, Ms. Stubblefield is correct, these are present problems.

Second, the King County Appraiser’s document shows a picture of the property purchased for $495,000. The picture clearly shows a garage with bays. The most recent 2013 appraisal states the property has declined in value and is now worth $44,000. The point Ms. Stubblefield makes that I agree with, is why would the district pay nearly $500,000 of taxpayer money for a piece of depreciating trash property? Why also would the district desire to spend an additional $1,000,000 to have the onerous responsibility of fixing the property (which is, according to the document, 75 percent wetland)? Ms. Stubblefield provided public record to indicate the district again did not appraise this property. Ms. Stubblefield has done her homework and has met her burden of proof which means Mr. Reed, you have not.

Mr. Reed states overtime to be $230,000 for 15 firefighters yet he misses Ms. Stubblefield’s broader point. Whether the figure is $230,000 or $250,000, taxpayers are paying a tremendous amount of overtime expense. Ms. Stubblefield believes more oversight and restraint can reduce the cost of overtime. Mr. Reed, is it your opinion overtime oversight and restraint will not make a difference on taxpayer wallets?

Mr. Reed, public record requests are how ordinary citizens find out what is happening with officials we elect. It is an important right for all citizens, including you, because it helps us keep our public officials in check. So, how in the world were you able to know the number of requests Ms. Stubblefield and whatever other citizen(s) made without submitting a public record request yourself? A bigger point I would like to make regarding Mr. Reed’s commentary is whey he finds it so offensive citizens exercise the same right I presume Mr. Reed recently used when he requested records to find out how many record requests Ms. Stubblefield and other citizens made?

Ms. Stubblefield has met the burden of proof which means Mr. Reed’s assertions to dismiss or discount Ms. Stubblefield are meant to purposely mislead district taxpayers and simply lack merit. Shame on you, Mr. Reed! My vote will be to elect Angie Stubblefield as District 28 fire commissioner.

Leroy Stocker