Supports firefighters, not the King County Fire District 28 ballot proposal | Letter

As a taxpayer. I have been interested in the debate going on. I have been reading the information regarding the spending. I have been paying attention to both sides.

As a taxpayer. I have been interested in the debate going on. I have been reading the information regarding the spending. I have been paying attention to both sides.

I attended the (Oct. 16) meeting and I would like to see that meeting done over. How about a larger venue where more non KCFD citizens could sit down and participate? I would like a mediator to keep things civil. I would like Elbert Reed to be in attendance. I will rally our local League of Women Voters to attend.

I oppose the levy lid lift but that does not mean I am against our local firefighters. That does not mean I am against future levies.

Right now KCFD 28 is asking for a significant increase over the previous levy. You are asking for this increase over six years. You are telling us it is for maintenance and equipment.

I, along with many others, are concerned with how a significant reserve fund has been managed.

I do not say that to criticize, merely to point out there have been choices made in money management and working within a budget.

I value what our firefighters and EMTs do. I have utilized these services for my parents for both fire and health issues. I have sat on the back of the aid car and joked with you. I like you. Please do not take my opposition to your request for more money personally.

More money is not going to solve issues of mismanagement and from a business perspective that is how it appears.

At what point did our fire department become land developers and profiteers on ambulance services?

I am your champion. You don’t have to like me but please keep in mind my point of view when asking me for more money.

Jean Hoiland


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