Takes issue with column in support of gay marriage | Letter to the Editor

Culture war’s come to the Plateau. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be “societies definition of marriage is changing.”

Jesus made this clear in his discourse on marriage and divorce. “In the beginning,” he says, man and women – male and female. I have a strong suspicion Mr. Still has read too much Rob Bell and not enough Jesus Christ.

In keeping with the inclusive theme it seems a few of God’s other attributes, notably holiness and righteousness, are neglected. One thing I find disturbing is Mr. Still’s lack of knowledge concerning Christian history and his attempt to marginalize by using the phrase “Caucasian christian culture.” I know of no reputable Christian historian (or secular for that matter) who believes Christian culture only goes back 800 years. Did you know there’s a fragment of the Gospel of John dated within 40 years of his death in 95 AD.

In closing I would like to paraphrase a parable. There once was a man who built his house on the shifting sand of societal mores. A storm came and the wind blew and his house fell down and great was its fall. Another man built his house on the rock and a storm came and the wind blew and the house stood in fact still stands; you see its foundation is the word of God and Jesus Christ.

Tom Woodward

Bonney Lake