Taking firearms and killing kids — that’s today’s political left

New York’s new abortion laws are will only worsen the infanticide.

One can only observe with alarm Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York’s new law allowing abortions up to, in effect, the moment of birth, prior it was up to 24 weeks or at any time if the physical health of mom was endangered or if the fetus was determined by a doctor not to be viable.

Now the rational for abortion is if physical, emotional, or mental “health” of the mother is “endangered” as defined by anyone of several newly added “heath care providers” like midwives, not including actual, you know, doctors.

Gov. Cuomo’s “update” reverses state law (4164 NY Public Health law) which mandated compassionate medical treatment of children who somehow survive the state’s attempt to kill them. This provision was cheered in the state house by the “legislators.” (Prior to this sea change the most prolific mass murderer in US History Philadelphia Dr. Kermit Gosnell was given life plus 30 years in prison for the same actions and keeping the results as trophies in jars. It’s unknown if Cuomo is building a shelf in his office).

The state of NY in what was America said to the good doctor, “Hold my beer.”

Mine is not just the normal human disgust with homicide of children or to rail against Cuomo although he is one of the most reliable (?) politicians on the planet. More for me a dawning realization that this towering murderous increasingly in your face arrogant style of “governance” not seen since WWII in what is now the EU (Well maybe with the Covington Kids red hat debacle) will be brought to all of us if the political left gets its way.

But I digress.

Supremely troubling is that this philosophy of how government treats people in general if they can (and they will) get the raw power to do this to the rest of us at their whim. Watch Senator (Pocahontas) Warren’s proposal to outlaw (like England) all private insurance or doctors services. Think V.A. on steroids. Not a pretty picture, especially if you are not known to hold the “correct” political beliefs — good luck getting treatment.

The murderous “State” of NY is a small actor in a much larger picture: A poet watching the Nazi’s in 1936 burn piles of books that the German Socialist government feared remarked presciently that it was a short step from burning books to burning people. It appears to many that it is now a short step from after live-birth abortions to Hillary’s fantasized “Adult Fun Camps” from which I don’t believe anyone identified as a deplorable (i.e. normal human) will return. Keep in mind that the 250 million slaughtered in the 20th century were killed by their government’s own deep states.

The first action taken by Chavez in Venezuela was to confiscate all firearms in citizen hands. That has worked out so well that the Venezuelan state is now fighting and killing unarmed citizens as those citizens desperately attempt a bare-handed revolt in an attempt to survive the Socialist Utopia.

Closer to home there are several laws in the Olympia legislative hopper to further the intent of the Democrat’s end goal of stripping guns from all Washington citizens that will in all likelihood be passed by your owners in the headquarters of the Socialist People’s Republic of Washington. The worst so far now in committee is HB 1286 (Companion Bill: SB 5340). This is Side Show (AG) Bob Ferguson, boy totalitarian’s effort to ban all “assault weapons” albeit over time as the original owners can keep them and the standard capacity magazines. For now.

But at death of the owner they must be moved out of state or surrendered to the police for destruction. How long do you think it will take him to come up with a reason for registration and confiscation?

Old Side Shows repeatedly stated his intent: Kneel before Zod.

Craig Sarver

Bonney Lake

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