Thank you from WRRS

White River Senior Services thanks the community for supporting us.

White River Senior Services sends a huge “thank you” to our community for their awesome support of our recent bingo/auction/bake sale fundraiser at the Eagles Hall on March 21.

We also want to thank the Buckley Chamber of Commerce, Hands Touching Hearts and all others who donated to the silent auction. Additionally, thank you to the Eagles Hall for having our event and to the Eagles Auxiliary for running the bingo for us.

A special thanks to those who made cash donations. The thoughtfulness of everyone is very much appreciated.

As in the past seven years, our goal was to raise enough money to cover our property taxes and other upkeep for the coming year on a piece of property we own next to our current senior housing complex. Thanks to all of you, that goal was met.

Our plans are to build more senior housing in the future. The next step in our progress is to move all or part of the excess dirt off our property so that while waiting to obtain funding for building, we will be able to provide additional parking and raised flower and/or vegetable beds for our current residents.

Alice Alfano


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