Thanks, Enumclaw, for all you do | Letter

As the end of the year approaches, I always think a simple “thank you” note.

As the end of the year approaches, I always think a simple “thank you” note to the community from the Enumclaw Senior Center will do…

Jobyna Nickum


The Enumclaw Senior Center has been busy,

Senior van, parties and classes, too!

Our parking lot is always full,

Some folks might call us a “zoo”!


But it’s important to point out

that all of this commotion,

This action, this service, this “to-do”

Is because of our volunteers, our community

Our service groups – well, really, because of you!


To all of our volunteers too numerous to list

We won’t mention by name so no one will we miss!

But thank you so much to those who prepare lunch

Setting places, serving food, what a hard-working and loving bunch!


Thanks to the volunteers at the desks

for answering phones and questions by the score

For all the help you offer

to those who walk through our door.


Thanks to Enumclaw Rehab for our martinis

and Highpoint Village for our volunteer brunch

Living Court for parties and boutonnieres and Cascade House for cookies and treats… the lists could go on

What an incredible bunch!


Thanks to the VFW Post 1949,

Our beautiful new American flag

With the correct number of stars – so fine!


Thanks to the Kiwanis, guys and gals to beat the band,

Who are here day to day to lend a helping hand.


Thanks to Enumclaw Rotary,

serving holiday dinners plate by plate.

And the big senior summer picnic

Hot dogs and hamburgers – sure are ate!


For those who help with programs,

and services by the score.

Thanks to those who teach our classes,

We couldn’t love you more!


Thanks to the community agencies

Who are there when we call in distress.

Answering questions, sharing support

You really are the best!


Thanks to Cindy who helps our veterans

Filling out forms and helping out in times of need

Our vets have served us well

To help them, should be our creed.


Thanks to all who gave

To this year’s Giving Tree

You made so many seniors happy

We wish their smiling faces you could see!


Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Delivering hot meals to those in need

Shopping, cooking and driving

NFN volunteers are awesome indeed!


Thanks to the city gals and guys

Their support of the Senior Center they always show!

And thanks to the many youth groups

Your help is more appreciated than you could know!


Thanks to those who provide music

From Western dances to piano tunes,

And thanks to those who perform for us

From ballet to lovely ballads that we croon.


So with the best volunteers on Earth

In the best community we could ever lean,

The Enumclaw Senior Activity Center

Is looking forward to the next year

Here’s to the best in 2015!

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