Thanks to all for making Enumclaw a healthier community Letter

The ceremonial lighting of the community tree and lamp poles in purple, the handling of violence by pop culture, and the willingness of community members to reach out for others was displayed for all on Oct. 1 at the Domestic Violence Awareness Month presentation.

For the last three years LINCCK has highlighted how we can better interact with others in our community and have healthier relationships with intimate partners. This year’s program had the EHS Drama Club present four skits with scenes from sitcoms to musicals. Folks were tapping their toes to popular music, not realizing lyrics told of wanting a partner dead rather than being with another.

Kim and Dave Sweeney, retired officer Dave Voss and Bernie McKinney helped make this presentation a success. The students, organized by Katee Wilson, did an amazing portrayal of what happens in these terrible situations.

Often pop culture at best offers no solution to domestic violence, and at worst even glorifies DV. The initial skit, performed before folks knew that actors were present, was so real that a bystander actually intervened to help the victim.

That was the essence of our message – bystanders taking action.

Thanks goes to the city of Enumclaw for bringing awareness to this issue, and to community members that support LINCCK’s efforts of making our community healthier.