Thanks to Reichert for solving issue with IRS | Letter

How often can you say that your elected officials have personally been a big help to you?

Well, hats off to U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert and his office. When we had our identity stolen and a fraudulent tax return filed in our name the fun began. After four trips to the IRS regional office in Tacoma spanning over a year we were told there was nothing they could do to help free up our legitimate return. I’ll spare you the details but we were wondering what else could be done.

Enter Reichert and his staff. They took the matter in hand immediately on our behalf and contacted the IRS and got the process of reconciling the issue started. In a matter of weeks they were able to do what we couldn’t get done in a year. Our return was issued and the matter was put to rest in a very timely matter.

Thank you for serving your constituents in a very practical way.

M. McDougall