The fight for Black Diamond is won

I would like to thank that close band of citizens in Neighbor to Neighbor Black Diamond who came along side me in this fight and made it their own.

On March 1, saw the true ending of the nightmare the City of Black Diamond has suffered under since January 7, 2016. The seat of Recalled council member Patricia Pepper was filled by a citizen who truly will “work for you,” Christopher Wisnoski.

This is the end of a long fought battle that began more than a year before the recall charges were filed against Pat Pepper in April 2017. This outcome would not have happened if the support of the citizens and voters had not been behind this huge effort. We are seeing the excellent results of this at every council meeting since the beginning of 2018!

I would like to thank that close band of citizens in Neighbor to Neighbor Black Diamond who came along side me in this fight and made it their own. We all have a stake in this City’s future and this small group lived up to that calling.

I would like to thank the voters who witnessed what was happening and spread the word among their neighbors. This City needs the citizens to care and be involved, it makes all the difference!

I would especially like to thank the voters who listened to that clarion call, both in the General Election, then carried it through to the Recall Election.

An informed and involved electorate makes all the difference! Let us not stop now. Let us all trumpet to anyone who will listen that Black Diamond is on the rise again!

Robbin Taylor

Black Diamond

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