They’re laughing their way to the bank

This year I will pay forced tribute of over a $1,000 to the Regional Transit Authority for the “privilege” of driving in Washington.

So, having gotten the yearly demand letters from the Department of Licensing in the mail to allow me to continue to drive my cars on the roads of the socialist paradise of Washington I see that this year I will pay forced tribute of over a $1,000 to the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) out of my family’s budget for the “privilege.” It seems there is no end to the illegal (Pierce County down voted it!) un-constitutional extortion ring tribute demands. Efforts to stop this theft and return “30 dollar tabs” have been thwarted by resistance by our owners in Olympia and similar mentality courts. The open RTA philosophy of sneering at any complaints, by the unelected, unaccountable, political crony-appointed merry band of RTA thieves makes mockery of the idea of taxation without representation. Makes it seem unlikely we will get any change through what we in what’s left of “free” America these days laughingly call the “legal or political process.” Hey, it’s King County/Seattle — they will keep counting till they get the “right” result.

Was watching the lively goings on in France (Whattt? Stay with me). In France (who’s governing philosophy seems eerily similar to Olympia/RTA these days) I note there the seemingly logical end game of RTA style “government.” Of course the dead media is doing its level best to hide what they are rioting about, destruction of the lives and livelihood of the lower and middle class, those least able to afford government “virtue,” and anyone not an elite. Watching Olympia/RTA-style hardships imposed by an unresponsive socialist style government in pile up it appears the line has been crossed in France, I wonder when such will show up in the U.S.? Item: Gov. “Carpet Bagger” Inslee, a Bishop in the Church of Global Warming, is now demanding even more real-estate taxes and a new state Capital Gains tax. Item: After watching Seattle PD sanction Antifa terrorists open carrying of “evil” AR-15 assault weapons (as defined by the last WA election gun control initiative) at their un-permitted functions. French-style line crossing? Soon, I think.

More popcorn futures to be purchased.

Craig Sarver

Bonney Lake

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