Time for change on City Council | Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Our (Enumclaw) City Council has been plagued with failed proposals, mismanaged funding, petty bickering among themselves and with other city services long enough. A few examples are the nonexistent “Welcome” center with an appealed debt of $582,000, the failed proposed town theme (Equestrian City Of The West), the Expo Center that recently needed bailing out along with the district’s proposed $65 million needed for our failing school’s infrastructure. All of which has become a crippling strain on the citizens of our community.

We The People vote and attend council meetings only to have our voices fall on deaf ears. So many of our local businesses have faded away into nonexistence and rumors abound regarding the Thomas farm property. Is it a new site for a Fred Meyer? Or a huge housing development for immigrants? Either way it is not the vision most citizens have for our community.

Darrel Dickson appears to have spent huge amounts of money on re-election signs, mailings and newspaper ads. His most recent mailing on high-quality paper was to trash his opponent. I, like many others see this as a mark of poor character and I am skeptical of anyone who tries to elevate themselves from the backs of others. Yet in all his advertising he does not make a list of his accomplishments. There are testimonials but they seem to mainly benefit only a few.

The list we did see was of his supporters and yes, I have no doubt many are good people. However, there are a couple names on that list I wouldn’t let sit my dogs. Note to Dickson: When compiling lists, remember Googling names and background checks is very simple and as close as our dinner tables. (Those volunteering their names should remember this, too.)

We The People have a great opportunity to send a message to our remaining council members not running for office. It is time for some much needed fresh air and fresh eyes and doing business as usual is unacceptable. They need to know that lip service is counterproductive and not actually a service and realize we have a voice and will no longer tolerate poor decisions made on our behalf. We will vote you gone.

M. Thornton