Vote for Cathy Dahlquist, Senate race in the 31st District | Letter

I encourage you to vote for Cathy Dahlquist, Senate race in the 31st District.

Democrats and Republicans alike: don’t be fooled by the party labels by the names. There are three Republicans running for the 31st Senate race: two extreme Republicans and one rational Republican with an open mind and willingness to collaborate across the aisle in order to keep the work of this state happening.

I did not come willingly to the table working with Cathy – politically we are very different. But through the six years of service together as school board members, as well as working with her during her terms as representative, I have come to value deeply Cathy’s tenacity in researching issues and her forthright honesty about her positions. Her demonstrated willingness to collaborate with all concerned to address the challenge of adequately funding public education yet balancing other fiscal concerns with social services, prison, transportation and the like is a critical skill.

I respect the hard work she puts into her decisions, even when I disagree, and still often do.

Cathy understands the Enumclaw School District is ONE district that happens to be blessed with two incorporated cities and several unincorporated, but proud, contributing communities. She will work to make our WHOLE district stronger and serve all our students’ best interests.

It is time for a change in the Senate seat for the 31st. Please vote for Cathy.

Nancy Merrill