Voting yes gives Enumclaw School District kids opportunity to succeed | Letter

Our great school district is the core of our community and an important part of our reputation as a great place to live. The quality of our schools is one of the community’s strongest selling points.

Enumclaw has increased its involvement on this issue. Our schools stress STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities in their search for the technological advantage of getting young people interested in these careers early. Enumclaw School Foundation, with the Enumclaw School District, is conducting a STEM Expo to excite these kids into careers that have a future. Come to the STEM Expo at the Enumclaw High School commons on Jan. 30, from 4 to 8 p.m. to see what all that excitement is about. A feature of the STEM Expo will be NAO, the humanoid robot.

Enumclaw’s technology levy supports classroom technology upgrades. Technology is an innovative teaching tool and brings with it an opportunity for kids to experience how technology is changing not only their classroom but also their future workplace and their world.

The students represent the future in engineering, health care, agriculture, business and technology. Our students strive to reach individual goals with the knowledge and confidence that they will have the resources and teachers to do so. We also owe it our children to give them high-quality experiences as students so they can thrive as adults. Talented workers want to live in communities that will afford their children the opportunities to excel as well.

Our schools are foundations in our neighborhoods. Our schools bring us together, allow us to share time and provide opportunity for us all. Our valued public school buildings need critical maintenance and upgrades to be viable learning centers. Continuing the building reserve levy is the only financial mechanism to address the Enumclaw School Districts infrastructural needs and maintenance issues.

We have a legacy of excellence in our schools that has served generations of Enumclaw families. I vote “yes” for hope and optimism in our community. I vote “yes” for advances in technology merging with our classrooms.

Anne Frank (1929-45, diarist) once wrote, “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.”

A “yes” vote means moving forward. Moving forward means giving all kids in our community an opportunity to succeed.

Keith Mathews