Want to shoot an assault rifle? Join the army

Why can the government act quickly about the vaping crisis, but do nothing on gun violence?

I read with interest the letter, “People are the problem, not guns” published Sept. 25. Right, right, I understand; and do you know what? There is a long list of people who are in agreement with you: John Hinckley, Nikolas Cruz, Lanza, Paddock, James Holmes, Crusius, Betts, Klebold, Eric Harris, Devin Kelley, Robert Bowers, Omar Mateen, Dylann Roof… and the list continues to grow.

Your argument about forks and knives is patently specious and disingenuous.

Remind me again, were you ever in the Army or Marine Corps? Allow me to caution you… you and your “equalizer” will be no match for an automatic assault rifle while you are out and about wandering. Don’t kid yourself.

Below is an apropo story about what one can do with an assault rifle while they are out wandering: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chai_Vang

Government authorities are quick to act on the public health vaping crisis but remain paralyzed to do anything about the proliferation of assault rifles and the bloodbaths.

Watch the movies “Blue Ruin” and of course “Bowling for Columbine.”

Stanley McKie


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