We look forward to Neighbors Night Out every year

It’s a wonderful way to meet or caatch up with your community.

We look forward to Neighbors Night Out every year

I am a relative newcomer to Enumclaw. We bought property on the Plateau in 1980 and I moved into town proper in 2006. This is such a wonderful town. I love it here. We are surrounded by a beautiful countryside and the town itself is friendly and has many amenities. I enjoy our town so much I wanted to do something for our community. There are many ways to get involved in the community — the monthly Coffee with the Mayor, the open City Council meetings, the library, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Senior and Youth Centers. Many of these places have volunteer opportunities for those of us who want to give back to the community.

Another great way of getting to know your town and neighborhood is coming up early in August. Tuesday, Aug. 6 is Neighbors Night Out — Enumclaw’s version of National Night Out. It is a special night put aside to become acquainted with your neighbors. We have been celebrating in our area for the past five years or so. We have about 20 families in a 2-3 block area and gather in a large lawn between two homes. We each bring a small food dish to share and basically talk about ourselves, our families, meet new neighbors, discuss what’s going on in town and in the world. Each year the fire department and police department have been able to stop by. We know they may not be able to visit but we appreciate it when they can, as that helps form the partnerships that are so valuable in keeping Enumclaw the delightful place that it is. I live in an established neighborhood near the center of town, but I think this would be a terrific opportunity for the newer developments on the outskirts of town as they are all new families. It is a tremendous way to build a sense of community.

Does this sound like fun to you? It’s easy to organize. There are some great tips in the July 24 Courier Herald story (and ad on page 23). The website neighborsnightout.org and Neighbors Night Out Facebook page also offer more information. I hope you have a truly Enumclaw event!

Mary Bartley


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