When neighbors get together, the entire community benefits | Letter

LINCCK’s goal of “growing” a healthy community was boosted when neighbors gathered the evening of Aug. 5 for National Night Out.

If your neighborhood does not have an annual gathering of sorts, NNO, always the first Tuesday in August, is the perfect opportunity.

For those who participated and in particular to those who hosted, much thanks. We appreciated Marianne Binetti and Bernie McKinney for helping with ideas for this “garden themed” event, and also Plateau gardeners planting seeds in others to make it happen.

We heard neighbors joined forces for a combined garden, disregarding property lines. “Garden Open” day occurred, where folks ambled around beautiful beds. Maybe next spring flowers will sprout in back alleyways or along abandoned roadsides. More importantly, neighborhood camaraderie was enhanced, spirits grew, and fun times were had. Our community is more compassionate and actually safer by having such gatherings. Congratulations!

We learned of other times during the year used to gather for a neighbor’s night out. The Y Bar S neighborhood gathers on July 4 and even has crazy tractor races. A neighborhood by JJ Smith gathers on March 14, for Pi Day (3.14..), eating tasty pies.

Maybe you’ll choose Pi Approximation Day of July 22 (22/7 – an approximation of π).

Does your neighborhood have an annual gathering? Can you share your story of how your neighborhood chooses to be “neighborly” and give others ideas on how this can happen? It’s so simple; tables and chairs put in the front yard and people just seem to gather. Here’s hoping healthy relationships will flourish in your neck of the woods.


Civility • Compassion • Kindness