White River bond makes sense to district teachers | Letter to the Editor

Teachers have a unique perspective when it comes to bonds and asking the community to stretch their budget. Teachers specifically White River School District teachers want the community to have the very best for our students, your children. Bonds help students and teachers progress in a safe environment without worry about the roof over our heads or the crowding in the classroom.

WRSD teachers are proud of the progress the district has made to improve learning and the housing of students since the last bond was passed in 2001. With that bond, the community built a wonderful high school and facilities that we get to use on a daily basis to educate our children. Collectively, as a staff, we strive to cultivate a culture of caring amongst our students while providing rigorous and authentic learning experiences for all students in this wonderful building.

Fifteen years later, we are paying off the bond and we need to come together and continue the development of not only our schools, but our community.

Several of our buildings are in need of help, especially Glacier Middle School. The last renovation was in the early 1980s and the passing of this bond will get 40 percent of our students out of portables and into 21st century classrooms. Elk Ridge Elementary, built in 1969, is in need of full renovation and through the renovation we will be able to expand and allow for 200 more students. This is essential to the community because of proposed housing developments; Buckley is growing. Families could move to any of the surrounding neighborhoods, yet they are choosing Buckley because of positive growth in our schools.

Bonds are not all about the classroom. In 2003 we did not have the funds to finish the White River High School stadium. The South Puget Sound League is starting to notice the strong talent of our students and the community is attending more games than ever before. A completed stadium means coverage from the Northwest elements, additional bathrooms and parking spaces.

From a teacher’s perspective, the 2016 WRSD bond makes sense to vote “yes..” Let us continue to protect and provide for our students the very best we can. Our children deserve the best from our community.

LeVon Moroz, John Dorsey, Karen Fugate, Nate Bartnett and Jeanette Schuster

White River

High School teachers