White River student says technology isn’t always best answer | Letters

I am a senior at White River High School and got the chance to watch how technology grew over the past few years. We are able to learn things from current events going on around the world. I am grateful for the technology we have, we use it a lot and it comes in handy. On the other side of that, I would rather go back to using books.

A couple of years ago, we were still using books. We would have to go to the computer lab in order to use the desktops. When we were using books we were learning about things that were 50-60 years ago. I’m not one to enjoy learning but when the teacher says “go grab a book and sit down,” I got excited because we got to work with partners. Whether the teacher picked or not we got to make new friends and talk to new people. Things we learned about then were pretty fascinating to learn about, such as how George Washington got to be president. Granted, we can learn about that on the computer also but I believe giving us assignments to do only on computers will prepare us for doing nothing but sitting at our computer all day long. I don’t want that lifestyle for me, my little siblings or my future children.

Now that we use computers, it is nice for looking up current events but for some people being on the computer all day long may start to strain their eyes causing them to get headache after headache.

I do appreciate having the technology that we have. It’s easy to use and always up-to-date. The computers tend to run slow at times at that point all you hear in class in “computers are down again” and “this computer is a piece of crap.” Why, because it’s not working at the moment? The technology advancements that we keep getting are spoiling these kids. I feel even though kids draw in the books they tend to respect their work more.

I don’t think we need technology advancements anymore then we have. Class is more up-to-date and that’s a plus, but at the same time you don’t get that chance to work with partners and meet new people. Kids tend to take advantage of the things they have so why give more?

Kylie Courville