Why can’t Enumclaw have urgent care center? | Letter

Well, looks as if we will see a lot of Green Cross in and around our town of Enumclaw within a short time. For those who don’t understand or are scratching you head, the “Mary Jane” growers, harvesters and sellers will open shop.

But you won’t see any Red Cross signs will you?

What I am talking about is an “urgent care” place. And you will ask what is that? I know, you say we have the Franciscan clinic; only open eight hours a day and a very few on Saturday. And we have an emergency room at the Franciscan hospital. But you pay a lot and wait a lot, too.

But with the vacant buildings in town why do we not have urgent care here? You have to drive to Bonney Lake, Auburn, Maple Valley.

When you have a child who is sick or you yourself or an elder – it is the middle of the night or weekend when they always seem to get sick. Why don’t we have that little Red Cross in town that says “open urgent care”?

Neal Grove