With a heavy heart, a vote for Donald Trump | Letter to the Editor

I watched as much of the political conventions of both parties that I could stomach. I wish Ted Cruz received the Republican nomination; he is a smart, pro-Constitution candidate that loves this country. But that is politics.

I watched Donald Trump get introduced by his daughter, Ivanka, a Democrat. She then went on with a speech that I have heard from Democrats in the past. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat the first part of his life. He then became Republican. He said he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left him. He was making reference to the Democrat Party becoming a far-left, anti-American party.

That’s what I felt like after hearing some speakers at the Republican National Convention. The Republican Party is leaving me behind.

Then I watched the Democrat National Convention. Talk about an anti-American get-together. Anti-Christian, anti-Second Amendment, anti-First Amendment, anti-10th Amendment. If you are an unborn child in the womb, just like cops, they definitely don’t have your back.

They are anti-capitalism. Anti-free enterprise and anti-private property rights. The party of no, no, no.

I firmly believe if the antichrist ran for president, he would do as a Democrat. This Democrat convention also affirms my belief that liberalism is a mental disorder.

So, with a heavy heart, I have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. At least he is pro-United States, pro-middle class, pro-worker.

J. Buss