You, too, have the opportunity to learn abroad

Taking the chance to live abroad in high school is one of those priceless experiences. No matter where you choose to study you will be so thankful you took the risk.

The article about Macie Bosik in last week’s paper was very interesting. It’s a choice that will stand out in and affect her whole life.

As a former German teacher at EHS, I wanted to add that these two experiences – her summer trip and her yearlong exchange — are available to all EHS students. Both are supported and underwritten by the Congress of the United States and or the German Bundestag (parliament). They have been active for several decades in order to foster German American friendship.

The summer trip is actually a school exchange. EHS GAPP (German American Partnership Program) has a 25-year long partnership with Eggenfelden (Bavaria). To participate you must be enrolled in EHS German. Because the exchange is planned by teachers and administered by GAPP it is very reasonable, when compared to other commercial trips. Many Enumclaw families have long-lasting friendships with their Eggenfelden counterparts. Six weeks spent together in both countries help solidify these friendships. EHS GAPP particulars can be learned from Frau Holmquist in September. 2018-19 is a GAPP exchange year. (

Congress Bundestag is responsible for Macie’s yearlong exchange. It is administered by an American student exchange company, but funded by the governments. All high school age students can apply. German is not required. It is an honor to be given this scholarship – Kudos to Macie, who joins other EHS students who have spent a high school year in Germany. (

Taking the chance to live abroad in high school is one of those priceless experiences. No matter where you choose to study you will be so thankful you took the risk. My Facebook is full of posts from EHS students who participated in these two opportunities. They are still traveling and interacting with each other, even those who participated 25 years ago. Several now live and work abroad.

Gretchen LaTurner

Bonney Lake

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