Young professionals came to Enumclaw, made it a better place | Letter

During the 1970s and 1980s a group of young medical and dental professionals came to our community and established their practices.

They raised their families here and impacted our area in hundreds of positive ways. School boards and the Enumclaw and White River school districts, churches including Sacred Heart, Wabash, Trinity Lutheran, Hope Lutheran and Calvary Presbyterian were impacted. Numerous groups including the hospital foundation, scouts and youth sports teams, protection against domestic violence, senior center activities, disaster preparedness, Bible Study Fellowship and many more were all beneficiaries of the expertise and dedication of this group.

Now, many of these doctors are retiring or approaching retirement from their positions. I believe we owe a great debt of gratitude to these men and their families for their service and care for our community.

Thank you Dr. Jim and Kathy Clark, Dr. Bob and Vikki Gramman, Dr. Luther and Sarah Frerichs, Dr. Randy and Pat Magley, Dr. Jim and Nancy Merrill, Dr. Graham and Mary Lou Reedy, Dr. Chriss and Sandy Cancro and Dr. Dan and Randy Ryning. You have had a tremendous impact for good and we are grateful.

Patricia Carlson

Dr. Andy and Nancy Willner