Another look into the spiritual treasure chest | Church Corner

A few months ago I suggested we have access to a spiritual treasure chest. I was referring to gifts we find because of our faith. At the time, we looked inside and found resilience.

A few months ago I suggested we have access to a spiritual treasure chest. I was referring to gifts we find because of our faith. At the time, we looked inside and found resilience.

This time we find a new treasure: strength and energy. Looking at most of our hectic schedules and commitments, who couldn’t use more energy? A good diet and a fitness routine help our bodies to function well physically. We also need inner strength to function well. A meaningful relationship with God can give us a different kind of energy and staying power: spiritual strength.

There is a special power that only God can provide. To find that, we need to study the Scriptures, pray regularly and be still before God. Spiritual energy comes from this kind of “workout.” Another important part of this “workout” is letting go. We cannot claim this energy simply by willing it; we have to be receptive to what God has to give. It is a matter of trust.

There is a vastness to this mystery we call God. It is an inexhaustible source of energy that goes beyond any kind of reserves we may possess. There is a paradox in this.  We can tap into this energy, but only by acknowledging our personal weakness. We cannot receive a gift without  opening our arms to grasp it.  Likewise, we cannot receive a portion of God’s energy without being willing to ask for it and to persevere in the “workout” that is required to strengthen our connection to God.

This kind of energy is a byproduct of faith. When you tap into faith, faith gives you a new perspective. Life cannot be dull, ordinary or otherwise devoid of meaning if you develop faith.

Faith makes everything better. It gives us a new appreciation for our work, our relationships and our immediate surroundings. We go beyond just facing the day to anticipation of the good things that life can bring. And when things seem to be falling apart, faith  gets us through with a much better attitude. It is the staying power of God who chooses to sustain us.

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