Bringing Nia to the Sumner Senior Center

  • Sun Oct 20th, 2013 10:32pm
  • Life

Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live. Nia classes include 55 minutes of movement to diverse music. Every Nia class has seven cycles beginning with a focus and intent.

Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: base, core and upper extremities. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels. How does Nia work? Nia has 52 moves that optimize the body’s natural design.


DATE:  Tuesdays


TIME:  3:00 PM-4:00 PM


START DATE:  Tuesday, October 22, 2013


COST:  $5.00 per session


WHERE: Sumner Senior Center-15506 62nd St. Ct. E. Sumner