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  • Sat Jun 14th, 2014 1:44am
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Dragon Love

by Genora Willcox Powell

Nestled in bed, she reads one more chapter.

Rain strikes her home, calling her to her captor.

The river nearby swells, liken to her mind,

Spilling over into the riddles of time.

A voice in her ear, whispers words of wisdom.

And into the universe and past his kingdom

With massive body and hot breath he carries her,

Poisonous and flaming thrust, she surrenders.

They cross the threshold, drenched in steamy desire

And magically they swallow the stars of fire,

Which glisten on his impenetrable skin

And glow within her belly, the next of kin.

With wings weary they spiral, descending to

And from Heavens everlasting altitudes.

She sleeps on his thick neck, lulled by the steady beat,

Dawn light awakens her to clawed torn sheets.

She arises in the waters of their love,

Shaking off lose scales, iridescent from above,

Reveals her nakedness and the book at rest.

Tenderly she touches her jeweled breast

And in her shimmering tummy swells, a pawn.

She smiles assured, the legend will live on.


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