June Morning, poem by Marjorie Eldred | Plateau Writers Association

  • Thu Jun 12th, 2014 11:17pm
  • Life

June Morning

By  Marjorie Eldred


Rain falls softly from leaden skies

On lawns, gardens, woods, nourishing them

The birds’ call fewer and quieter this morning

The lone adventurer darts across my backyard sky

I drink in the moment, savoring each color, shape, and sound.

I sip my coffee, hot and sweet, taking it all in

Enjoying God’s gifts: life, beauty, another morning,

Flowers that bloom: tall spikes of red hot poker still reaching, orange and yellow,

My new purple-white delphinium, two blooms, short, fresh from the nursery,

Bright gold and red marigolds, branching,

surviving the munching of deer and rabbits,

Daylily’s spikes filled with promise of color explosions,

Filling me with anticipation,

Wild flowers, the Foxglove, pink and white, here and there, bonus flowers I did not plant

A lone deep purple iris among white blossoms of yarrow,

making me wish I’d planted them better and increased their bounty;

I resolve to fix my error before another year comes.

Then comes a realization. I have but today, this minute, this hour.

I am blessed to witness these tokens of God’s love and faithfulness.

What will I do with these precious moments I have received?


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