Kevin Jones hits note as producer

It was nearly a year ago that Enumclaw artist Kevin Jones was getting ready to release his second solo album “Winter Moon.”

Kevin Jones is enjoying his role as producer in his new studio.

It was nearly a year ago that Enumclaw artist Kevin Jones was getting ready to release his second solo album “Winter Moon.”

Now it’s a go.

“I’ve been so busy,” Jones said, understating what he’s been doing. “I’ve immersed myself back into music. It’s my passion and where I really want to be.”

His job as a contractor with Boeing ebbs and flows with the economy, but his music has always been a staple. Jones, a musician, songwriter, performer, teacher, booking agent and producer, adds studio owner to his resume.

“I’m realizing it needs to be full time,” he said of his music career.

“What I’m finding is what I like to do is work in a collaborative mode with people,” Jones said.

In his Enumclaw-based Turn Studio, Jones has been working with Seattle-based Taige’ Kussman and Justin Fischer, country singer Jessica Lynne, SumGuy and Spokane’s Laddie Ray Melvin.

That’s in addition to “Winter Moon,” his first release since “Hester Street” in 2000. He also has two albums with alternative folk group 3 Track Mind.

“I’ve been writing the songs the whole time,” Jones said.

“I’m really proud of this album,” he said. “The songs are reflections of key points in time over these past 10 years.”

There’s a bit of the past on the album – a remake of 3 Track Mind’s “Curious Traveler” – and a glimpse at the future with his son Austin performing the tracking and daughter Maddy vocalizing on three songs.

Although, he doesn’t wear the title booking agent comfortably, he’s working with a place up north and recently-opened Rendezvous Wine and Brew in Enumclaw, putting talent before audiences.

In addition, Jones still teaches – part-time at Cedar River Academy, private lessons at his studio, and beginning this fall, through Green River Community College.

He continues to perform with 45 gigs lined up this summer through September for either himself individually, the Kevin Jones Band, or as a duet with mandolin musician Doyle Wood. Those performances will include festivals, wineries and clubs.

Jones continues to be a music student as well. He’s been branching out, learning to play other stringed instruments. He’s getting familiar with the bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, Turkish oud and slide guitar. His hope is to bring a palette of different stringed instruments to his studio’s productions and to add depth to his stage performances.

“I’ve always appreciated going to see musicians who had a lot of diversity in their sound,” Jones said.

And, he’s not done producing his own music and that of the band. In fact, he’s working on an album for the band that will highlight the upbeat, dance music they perform at venues across the state.

“’Winter Moon’ was more singer-songwriter,” he said. “We don’t play those songs live.”

There’s also another solo live album in the queue titled “Etched.”

“I’m just trying to do as much as possible,” Jones said.

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