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  • Sun Mar 23rd, 2014 5:46pm
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On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf

by Alexander Posey

How savage, fierce and grim!

His bones are bleached and white.

But what is death to him?

He grins as if to bite.

He mocks the fate

That bade, ”Begone.”

There’s fierceness stamped

In ev’ry bone.

Let silence settle from the midnight sky–

Such silence as you’ve broken with your cry;

The bleak wind howl, unto the ut’most verge

Of this mighty waste, thy fitting dirge.

About This Poem

Alexander Posey’s “On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf” appears in Posey’s collection Alex Posey, the Creek Indian Poet: The Poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey (1910).

Alexander Posey, a Native American Muscogee Creek poet and journalist, was born in 1873. Two years after his untimely death in 1908, his wife collected and published much of his poetry.

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