Students present Honors Recital

  • Tue Jun 23rd, 2009 5:47am
  • Life

Eighteen students of Luanne’s Music Studio performed in her annual Honor’s Recital June 18 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Enumclaw. The students who participated included: Philip Lampkin, Julie Ringering, Michael Lampkin, Emily Davis, Jack Lampkin, Joel Mott, Naomi Engelhart, Marissa Rothermel, Kate Babbitt, Nathan Parks, Aaron Parks, Julia McElroy, Gabe Smith, Sarah Ringering, Alison Haywood, Micah Bolles, Kelsea Babbitt, Kristin Gonzales and Connor Holtz. Also participating were Christian Holtz on the trumpet, playing a duet with his brother Connor, and soloist Darrell Miller also performed, accompanied by Haywood.

Each student that had taken piano lessons for the past year was presented with a yearly award ribbon.

Parents shared special information about each student prior to their performance.

Certificates were presented to students who participated in the adjudications in March; the students were Mott, Haywood, Ringering, Engelhart, Rothermel, Connor Holtz and Gretchen Waller.

Cash awards were presented to Waller, Ringering and Kelsea Babbitt for a special practice contest.

This was the first piano recital for Davis, Jack Lampkin, Nathan Parks and Aaron Parks.