With God in the Garden, By Marjorie Eldred | Plateau Area Writer Association

  • Fri Feb 28th, 2014 8:28pm
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With God in the Garden

By Marjorie Eldred



There comes a bright and happy day

When you and I will pause,

Forget about the shadows, grey,

And look instead at “The Cause


We’ll follow Spring’s voice and go outside

While she’s still waiting there.

We’ll touch, with her, the Primrose face

And breathe her gentle air.


Behold the budding tulip poised

And waiting for the time

When sunlight brings her forth to bloom

In splendor, so sublime.


We’ll walk through Autumn’s cast-off clothes

And search for the promise of

New dresses of yellow and white and rose

Spring, wearing the Father’s Love.


And when we must pick up our task,

Return to the stress and strain,

We’ll take with us that love, we’ll ask,

Can’t we visit the garden again?”


For we found our “Father” waiting there,

His arms reached out to cheer,

To solace, refresh, confirm His care

For us, still struggling here.


He waits there still, so let’s take the time

To welcome Spring, Summer, Fall;

To immerse our souls, yes, both yours and mine

In the love oe’r the garden wall.