April Fool’s Prank turns tables on customers at Peek-A-Brew espresso

Justin Harrington serves coffee Thursday at Peek-a-Brew Espresso as part of the stand's April Fool's Day prank on customers.

Customers at Peek-a-Brew espresso in Bonney Lake got a surprise this morning when they pulled up expecting a beautiful, scantily clad barista to take their order.

There was a scantily clad barista all right, but instead of being one of the lovely ladies who normally man the window, mixed martial arts fighter Justin Harrington leaned over to take the drink orders.

Dressed in a pair of board shorts and not much else, Harrington was brought in for April Fool’s Day as a little surprise and prank for the shop’s regulars.

“We had to do something for April Fool’s,” said barista Randi Damery, who was also manning the shop Thursday morning.

Harrington, of Enumclaw, is married to the daughter of owner Beth Damery and said he agreed to come in for the day.

“They’ve been asking me to do this for a long time,” he said.

Harrington said the day was a lot of fun and it’s always nice to have ladies “swooning.”

“People have been really cool about it,” Harrington said of the customers. “A lot of laughs.”

Randi Damery said female customers often ask for a male barista in the shop and the store’s milk delivery guy suggested it for April Fool’s Day.

Owner Beth Damery said they brought Harrington in because they thought it would be funny.

“It’s a fun treat for the women, but the faces on the men are what’s funny,” she said. “The April Fool’s surprise looks good too.”

According to Randi Damery, one family pulled into the lot this morning and upon seeing Harrington, the father exclaimed “See, I told you I saw a guy in there!”

Customer Dana Stanley said it was a “nice touch” to see a man in the shop for a change.

“She’s pretty and all, but we like guys,” she said, pointing to Randi Damery.

“It’s nice because now no one can complain about what seeing women,” agreed customer Lindsay Jensen.

As for Harrington, he said he was making good tips and enjoying his time inside the booth.

“It’s actually a lot of fun in here,” he said.

Note: This story has been updated to correct a spelling error in the barista’s name.