Area athletes receive postseason honors

Check out which Panther and Spartan spring sports teams and athletes received SPSL 2A and 3A honors.

Bonney Lake's Brooke Nelson received the SPSL 3A's Player of the Year honors as a freshman.



• SPSL 3A Player of the Year: Brooke Nelson, freshman.

• All-League (first team): Ele Quintanar, outfield, junior.

• All-League (second team): Jessica Clark, infield, sophomore.

• All-League (second team): Joey Ahern, infield, junior.

• All-League (second team): Raelyn Kimmel, outfield, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): Shelby Welfringer, infield, freshman.

• All-League (honorable mention): Gabby Jones, utility, freshman.


• All-League (second team): Abi Proffit, infield, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): McKenna Eidal, infield, senior.

• All-League (honorable mention): Emma Froembling, outfield, junior.

• All-League (honorable mention): Jaden Kent, utility, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): Kate Harris, utility, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): Chloe Oyadomari, catcher, senior.



• SPSL 3A Most Valuable Player: Zac Horne, senior.

• SPSL 3A Coach of the Year: Mike Olson.

• All-League (first team): Matthew Gretler, shortstop, sophomore; Robby Pogue, third base, junior; Tyler McClain, outfield, sophomore.

• All-League (second team): Kyle Muller, pitcher, senior; Cam Campbell, first base, junior; Braydon Tressler, second base, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): Peyton Brock, catcher, sophomore; Gavyn Tinsley, outfield, sophomore; Adam Fahsel, outfield, sophomore.


• All-League (first team): Preston Fullington, pitcher, senior; Jake Gehri, catcher, sophomore; Noah Massey, second base, senior; Nathan Harrell, third base, senior; Ben Wilson, outfield, sophomore.

• All-League (honorable mention): Eli Evers, pitcher, senior; Gabe Smith, pitcher, junior; Taurus Kukahiko, first base, senior; Josiah Fidecaro, shortstop, senior; Tyson Rainwater, outfield, junior; Tristan Wilhite, outfield, senior.



• All-Conference (first team): Jordon Cozzi, midfield, senior.


• All-Conference (second team): Quinault Mackey, attack, junior.

• All-Conference (second team): Thane Birrer, midfield, sophomore.

• All-Conference (second team): Dawson Cutright, defense, senior.

• All-Conference (honorable mention): Tyler Ruch, attack, freshman.



• All-League (first team): Jordan Butler, defender, senior.

• All-League (first team): Nick Phillips, midfield, senior.

• All-League (second team): Armoni Atherton, midfield, senior.

• All-League (second team): Nick Phillips, midfield, junior.

• All-League (honorable mention): Alec LaBarge, defender, freshman.

• All-League (honorable mention): Owen Leenstra, defender, junior.


• All-League (first team): Tate Hamlett, forward, junior.



• Team Sportsmanship Award

• All-Opponent first team: Kristen Cunningham, senior.

• All-Academic Team: (Olivia Grob 4.0, Nikki Demmel 3.71, Kristen Cunningham 3.52, Natalie Gleason 3.56, Mindy Joyce 3.75, Hannah Littlefield 3.56)


• Singles Player of the Year: Jade Lancaster, freshman.

• Coach of the Year: Spenser Phelan/Kathleen McGuire

• All-Opponent Team (first team): Jade Lancaster, freshman; Tayva Jacobsen, freshman; Lauren Baker/Kaitlyn Gianni, both seniors.

• All-Opponent Team (honorable mention): Karley Geiser, junior.

• All-Academic Team: (Lauren Baker 3.6, Megan McDonald 3.8, Jade Lancaster 4.0, Karley Geiser 3.7, Lauralyn O’Brien-Wilson 3.9, Katie Rink 3.7, Kayla Immel 3.6, Annie Smith 3.97).


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