Bomb threat investigated at Bonney Lake High School

On Nov. 19 Bonney Lake Police Officer and School Resource Officer Daron Wolschleger received word that a bomb threat had been found at Bonney Lake High School.

On Nov. 19 Bonney Lake Police Officer and School Resource Officer Daron Wolschleger received word that a bomb threat had been found at Bonney Lake High School.

In the officer’s report, it stated East Pierce Fire and Rescue responded to the school because several fire alarms had been activated.

These alarms had been pulled on purpose by a number of staff members in order to evacuate the school after the note was found.

Wolschleger spoke with Bonney Lake High School Assistant Principal Brian Scheerer who told him the note was found in one of the women’s bathroom.

He was asked by Scheerer to help aid in the school’s investigation into the threat.

“The department always works well with the Sumner School District and high school administrators to investigate these threats to the fullest,” Wolschleger said.

Scheerer told Wolschleger the school “did not believe the threat was credible and that no children appeared to have been in danger,” according to the police report.

The following day Wolschleger reported to the high school and met with several administration staff.

During the meeting with administration, Wolschleger learned that through their own investigation had discovered two students who were involved with the threat.

In addition to the threat, he learned the two students were also responsible for stealing two cans of spray paint and painting obscene images in two different women’s bathrooms at the school.

Wolschleger was provided a number of written statements from both of the suspects, a Bonney Lake High School staff member and four friends of one of the suspects.

One of the suspects had requested the statements from the four additional friends “to assist her in her defense,” according to the police report.

One of the suspects had confessed to stealing the paint, spray painting the images and writing the bomb threat.

While the second suspect denied actively participating in all three of those activities.

Wolschleger was shown the bomb threat that had been written on the back of a sign that hangs in the bathroom.

According to the police report, the note read, “School will explode at 2:20 JK.”

The note also had another obscene drawing on it and the words, “Smoke pot 4 life 4:20.”

The first suspect wrote in her statement the second student was the one who told her to steal the spray paint, paint the images and write the bomb threat.

The second student told Wolschleger that she was with the first student during all three activities but did not partake in any of them.

The officer then spoke with the first suspect along with the principal.

She was read her Constitutional Rights from a prepared card.

She admitted to the officer everything she wrote in her statement was true.

Wolschleger arrested her for making the bomb threat, stealing the spray paint and malicious mischief.

She was handcuffed and transported to Remann Hall by other officers where she was booked on those charges.

Wolschleger then spoke with the second suspect along with Principal Turner, Assistant Principal Anderson and the student’s mom.

She was also read her rights.

Again, she stayed consistent with her written statement that she was present but did not do any of the three activities.

She told the officer she did not report any of the activity to staff because she did not want to get involved or in trouble.

In the police report, Wolschleger wrote that in September 2013, Officer Todd Green and himself had arrested this suspect for a bomb threat against the high school.

He noted in the report, both incidences had similar circumstances.

The second suspect was not arrested. She was released on scene to her mom.

Both students were emergency expelled from Bonney Lake High School.

The estimated cost to clean up the obscene images from the bathroom walls is $50.

This report has been forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor at Remann Hall regarding charges against both students for threat to bomb, theft and malicious mischief.

“We want people to know that the Bonney Lake Police Department takes these calls very, very seriously,” Wolschleger said. “We have a zero tolerance for these kinds of threats.”

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